hi, i'm sam j█ b███████

hesclome my about page its not done

34, sie/hir||they/them
pansexual genderqueer transneutral androgyne
s [dot] b███████ [at] disroot [dot] org
(unfortunately for me it's not hard to find my surname...)
[discord] @jahtnamas | [revolt] jahtnamas#5175
[matrix] @jahtnamas:mint.lgbt | [XMPP] jahtnamas@mint.lgbt

main fediverse (mastodon) @ queer.party
backup fediverse (sharkey) @ blahaj.zone [NOT ACTIVE]
"after-dark" fediverse (mastodon) @ thicc.horse [NSFW]
gaming streams @ twitch
stream VODs archive @ youtube
fiction writing @ archive of our own [can be NSFW]
stupid mashups @ soundcloud
chosting @ cohost
fun-e reblogs @ tumblr

anyway i think you should give me money
or buy me shit